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StepCare is a comprehensive medical clinic providing general care for prevention of disease,
wellbeing, management of urgent and chronic conditions and mental health problems.

Stepcare Quality

The most enduring quality of StepCare’s wider operating model is that it takes place in the context of a population that is currently short-changed when it comes to healthcare. 

Given the advancement and wider wealth that IT has brought Bangalore, healthcare lags behind despite many more now having the means to afford a higher standard. 

The original concepts that make up the key USPs of StepCare’s products (primary care, pharmacy services, medical training programmes and cancer care) were formed through the coming together of a team of leaders in their respective fields.


Our mission is to bring world class healthcare to Bangalore and help you and your family to

manage your health and wellbeing proactively, whilst helping you to keep your spending on

healthcare is affordable.

We provide services for adults aged 21- 65 years and for all members of the family. In the future we plan to provide services to younger adults, older adults and children.

We seek to train and spread UK National Health System (NHS) core principles of preventative, evidence based care to bring the best healthcare to you. 

StepCare’s subscription based model allows us to separate ourselves from profit driven healthcare models that may prescribe unnecessary procedures. 

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