About Stepcare

Stepcare is a comprehensive medical clinic providing general care for the prevention of disease, well-being, and management of urgent and chronic conditions. We are a digital-first primary healthcare provider.

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Stepcare Quality

Our most enduring quality is our commitment to bring evidence-based healthcare to a deprived population.

There has been a wide gap in harnessing the recent advance in technology to improve health outcomes in Bangalore and across India generally, it is this gap Stepcare aims to bridge.

Our key innovative healthcare delivery approach at Stepcare is a product of problem driven collaborations of a team pioneering leaders across different disciplines

Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare in Bangalore through a movement composed of synergistic services with evidence-based decision-making and digital-first innovations at their heart and mental health problems.
We seek train and spread the UK National Health System (NHS) core principles of preventative care through the practice of primary healthcare and digital technology. We envision an India, where healthcare is not only affordable, but also interoperable nationwide through digital advancement.
Stepcare’s healthcare professionals provide high quality healthcare that is based on the UK’s NHS clinical guidelines. Our digital first approach provides members with a more integrated experience where clients will have seamless access/communication with our team and healthcare information.

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Chat with a pediatric provider in real-time and get expert advice within minutes.

Book same-day appointments in clinic or virtual appointments in just a few clicks.

Stay on top of your health with 24/7 chat, smart symptom checkers, and health record tracking.