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We are on a mission to bring world-class healthcare revolution to Bangalore. Through evidence-based practice & international procedures, we raise the standards of healthcare offered to the citizens of Bangalore.

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While you work for what you believe in and are good at, it is important to also nurture yourself amid opportunities. Especially in the field of medicine, and healthcare, which is evolving each day into a bigger, and more digitized version. At StepCare, you will imbibe the values of community-building, working together towards a greater cause, and bringing a revolution through every small contribution. Explore your opportunities with us!

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We are based in India’s biggest and most advanced of cities – Bangalore. It is the city of opportunities, and explorations. Not only that, we provide you with competitive packages and incredible benefits while you work at our company. From health insurance, to regular check ups, there are generous benefits for everyone who joins our team. 

If you have any questions, or need any help with your application, feel free to write to us.

If you want to grow your career in healthcare as a pharmacist, or nurse, we are looking for you. If you are looking to work amid inspirational professional setup, we are looking for you. If you are solution-oriented and believe in pouring your heart into healing, we are looking for YOU!

About StepCare

StepCare is a comprehensive medical clinic providing general care for prevention of disease,

wellbeing, management of urgent and chronic conditions and mental health problems.


Our mission is to bring world class healthcare to Bangalore and help you and your family to

manage your health and wellbeing proactively, while keeping your healthcare affordable.


To come onboard our mission, call us or write to us at info@stepcare.co.in

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