3 April 2023

My experience at Stepcare

by Dr. Lipsa Nanda Lopamudra

They say if you dare to dream big, you must be careful from where you start your journey.

Image of a doctor with a patient

I always wanted to go solo and not follow the crowd. I took my own pleasant time to look out for options and to “take the road not taken”.

In my case I have been fortunate enough to start my career as a General Practitioner at Stepcare. It’s a pleasure to having been working at Stepcare where all treatments are Evidence-based and follows UK NHS system. In my 5months at Stepcare I have learnt a lot about what Primary Care actually is and why it’s so important to stress more on the Preventative care. Instead of waiting for patients to fall ill and then consult a doctor when the disease has already progressed to a certain level, I am learning to catch hold of the disease prior to it worsening and patient been put under medication.

Stepcare has given me exposure to quite a lot of renowned doctors in UK and learn from their experience. I have made many improvements in myself and with my communication skills. I think overall, I feel more confident and comfortable around patients. I don’t feel nervous walking into patient’s rooms anymore. I feel like I fit with the nurses and other healthcare staff and finally feel like I belong. Now, I look forward to clinical. I get excited to see patients and spend time with them and examine them. I am keen to learn a lot from my senior doctors(GP) over here at Stepcare. I really appreciate the efforts my senior doctors put in to teach medical stuff to me and guide me if I am wrong anywhere.

As doctors, we all make mistakes. We are pupils of a constantly evolving body of knowledge, learning throughout our careers the different ways in which our system glitch and crack, and witnessing infinite clinical scenarios and often unpredictable outcomes. Yet like our physical scars, we don’t often share the mistakes we have made-maybe because they feel embarrassing, hard to relieve, unsightly. Maybe we feel afraid that people will judge us by these imperfections in a profession where perfection is demanded. Yet some of the best clinical advice I’ve been given has come from people feeling vulnerable enough to share the times they’ve messed up. I’ve learnt that if a doctor has a sweet and swift approach to a patient, they end up opening up thoroughly and it helps a lot to build up that patient-doctor trust.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr.Nav Chana(Medical Director) for always supporting me since day one. His personality is what inspires me to become a humble doctor in my future .With his expertise and guidance I have full confidence that I can be a good physician one day.

Dr.Reena and Dr.Rohit ,my senior doctors in Stepcare have been very helpful to me in my learning phase. They make sure I read and learn about the cases(patients) that we have been seeing at Stepcare. Working with all of them, I feel so grateful. One thing is for sure, I definitely have evolved a lot after joining SC in terms of better patient care and treatment.

I am enjoying this experience at Stepcare and I am looking forward to learning a lot more in Primary Care for patients and prove myself that if I continue to put my efforts each and every day, I can bring laurels to Stepcare.

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