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At Stepcare, we believe primary healthcare holds the key to universal healthcare coverage. We use latest technology to deliver evidence-based practices without the burden of sudden financial implications. Our flexible subscription models give you unlimited access to best practice medicine anywhere, anytime.

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I recently visited Stepcare, because I had emergency issues, I was vomiting and had a stomach flu for several days. As a foreigner from the U.S. I was immediately diagnosed and provided the proper medicine by the pharmacists there. The stomach flu and vomiting went away after several days. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful in prescribing me the necessary medication in a timely manner. I would highly recommend as they are quick and professional compared to others within the area.

Adil H

My father has a cardiovascular issue that needs a specific type of soltalol medicine. I've been searching all over Bengaluru for this with no response from other pharmacies. The other pharmacies state they will get back, but never do. I've asked the pharmacists in Stepcare to assist with this and they were able to find the type of medicine that my father needed, which was so important to his health. I really appreciate Guru Prasad, who assisted in the process. Thank you!

Aman Sharma

I live in Whitefield area I ordered some medicine online over the phone from Stepcare, there delivery was quick