Primary Care

Ensuring your family’s good health!

Being healthy is a lot more than finding a doctor when you or a family member gets sick, is injured or suffers a health crisis. It’s also about having a primary, personal doctor who knows your health history and sees you at least a few times a year. That relationship is key to achieving optimal health, managing your health over time and receiving more effective care when something just doesn’t “feel right.”

Take an active role in maintaining your health through regular physicals and screenings. And, when illness or injuries arise, our practices offer the care you need to get you feeling better and back to your active lifestyle.


Stepcare’s World Class Primary Care

Primary care is the day-to-day healthcare that can be provided by a generalist practitioner as a single point of contact. Most health problems can be dealt with safely and effectively there and then thanks to the generalist training we give them and our evidence-based protocols.

StepCare views maintaining health as an ongoing process. That means that our subscription options include lifestyle and wellbeing focused interventions, mostly through the medium of digital applications.

Family Medicine & Primary Care Expertise

Comprehensive primary care:
StepCare is a comprehensive medical clinic which means that we will provide all the care you need which can be delivered from a clinic primary care setting. We can also refer you to other services in and out of hospital and organize tests and advanced diagnostics.
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Prevention and managing lifestyle risk
We believe that preventing disease and helping you manage chronic conditions, is as important as providing advice and treatment when you fall unwell. Therefore our clinic provides a prevention approach to your health helping you identify any risks to your health that can be managed.
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Mental wellbeing:
We know that mental health problems are common and coping with these can be challenging. If you are diagnosed with a mental health issue you will have access to clinic based therapy and treatments. This includes mild to moderate depression, anxiety related issues, PTSD, work related stress.
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