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Stepcare is pioneering innovative solutions to the burden of out-of-pocket healthcare fees whilst offering 24/7 access to world-class primary care practices through advanced technologies and digital spaces.

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Bringing A Healthcare Revolution Through Membership

Stepcare is leading a revolutionary approach to how we access healthcare whilst standardising the quality of health services offered. Our membership design helps combine the benefits of every aspect of the healthcare delivery chain – from consultation to check-ups to follow-ups, to refilling prescriptions, to referrals, and many more. Our team brings with them years of outstanding healthcare delivery in the United Kingdom and beyond and are determined to change the face of healthcare in India.

No unpredictable out-of-pocket payments for consultations and diagnostics

Digital-first care

Face-to-face consultations whenever you need it

Evidence-based healthcare from end-to-end

Preventative healthcare

Why Use Stepcare?

Health is not merely the absence of disease- wellbeing is at the core of what we offer and is embodied in our digital ecosystem and service design.
Enjoy peace of mind that your health and wellbeing is looked after by experts in holistic and preventative care through a patient-centric service that fits around your lifestyle

How Can You Be A Stepcare Member

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Yearly Health Checks and In-house pharmacy services

Frequently asked

We provide services for adults aged 21- 65 years and for all members of the family. In the future we plan to provide services to younger adults, older adults and children.

  • Act as the patient’s advocate and manage long term illnesses
  • Formalized communication between primary and secondary care providers on individual patients
  • Continuous care with streamlined information on patient under one umbrella
  • USA and UK primary care clinics have efficiently utilized PA and nurses to handle most regular appointments for years. This system has yet to be tapped in India.
  • Primary care is ripe for digital innovations as most appointments can be done remotely. This opens up the nascent digital healthcare sector.
  • Care is administered based on evidence as opposed to financial or social reasons.
  • Early detection to prevent future larger out of pocket costs
  • Focus on overall health as opposed to treating illnesses
  • Higher clinical skill set requirements lead to more accurate diagnosis
  • Place the focus of Stepcare GPs on the patient’s general health by removing the urge to prescribe unnecessary profit-incentivized procedures/tests
  • As the profit model is removed, patients can develop more trust within their doctors
  • On the other hand, there are some patients who demand treatments and may sow distrust

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