StepCare enables people to live healthier and more independent lives

through evidence based healthcare

Practising people centred, holistic, high-quality seamless care

By providing access to a wide range of quality healthcare services, treatment interventions and diagnostics, StepCare can enable our members and the wider population to live healthier lives.

Delivered by a team of expertly trained physicians, nurses and healthcare support staff, we will provide primary medical care that is parallel to the standards of the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) and the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). Aligning ourselves to the core values of these institutions, our framework of care will enable us to excel and surpass expectations.

StepCare supports the Indian healthcare sector to deliver a people centred seamless care service through the provision of suitable training through its academy, career support through placements at a UK teaching hospital and offering software as a service to support primary care practices.

Our values

  • We treat all patients equally and take a patient-first approach. Patient care is our top priority.

  • We are always proactive, open, and honest and embrace evidence-based medicine. This means we only provide value for money care, based on medical science and detailed practices.

  • We pride ourselves on our efficiency, strong governance and quality care that complies with the most rigorous international standards.

Our values

  • Delivering better health for our communities through population-wide and individually focused initiatives. These aim to maximize health and wellbeing and prevent illness. It’s all about trying to keep people well.
  • Delivering better care through quick access to modern services. Care should be delivered in the most appropriate setting a in clean and infection-free facilities by well-trained, motivated and professional staff. It’s also about making sure that everyone has a positive experience of care, which reinforces the importance of our person centered approach.

  • Delivering better value. This is to ensure that what is provided has evident therapeutic benefits.

“The need for better healthcare is undeniable and illustrated by the global unpreparedness for the COVID-19 pandemic. With many lessons to learn, it will fall to healthcare providers to create better, more resilient health systems.

Parveen K Sikka, Co-Founder, Managing Director

For patients

Our highly-skilled team of medical professionals offer a full range of primary healthcare services

Primary care

Protect your health and get quick and easy access to personalised treatment from highly trained healthcare professionals.  Shortly available at our centre in Whitefield, Bangalore.

Visit our pharmacy

 Our expert team can give you advice you can trust and medicines tailored to your specific needs.

Centre of excellence for oncology (Coming soon)

 Our dedicated cancer facility offers fast diagnosis and high-quality cancer therapies from our co-ordinated team of specialists.

For health care professionals

StepCare collates the best practice and knowledge from around the world and applies it in support of Indian medical professionals, through the provision of software, training and career opportunities.

StepCare Academy

Our programmes are designed & studied by healthcare professionals in UK. Each programme is built to maximise your learning & career development

Digital health

Support your practice and your Doctors with the best of digital health to connect you to your patients for virtual health and support

Career progression

Observe clinical practice and experience with a placement at a UK teaching hospital.
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