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At Stepcare, our mission is to revolutionize healthcare in Bangalore and beyond by providing evidence-based, patient-centric primary care through a membership-based model.

We believe that by aligning the health and well-being of our members with our needs as a healthcare provider, we can provide an affordable better, and higher quality way to fund healthcare.

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Our vision is to provide equitable healthcare to the community and deliver high-quality care that transcends the various forms of inequity, to everyone with dignity.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency, strong governance, and quality care that complies with the most rigorous international standards.

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Our digital-first approach integrates seamlessly with the busy lifestyles of professionals in Bangalore, enabling our clinicians to spend more time delivering the highest quality care to our members.

We offer transparency, excellent governance, and qualified professionals to deliver a consistent, managed, and monitored service that is aligned with UK standards. Our pharmacy products are independent quality-assured and all evidence-based, while our academy offers approved courses to progress our central mission further; to bring evidence-based healthcare to India.

Image of Stepcare interior
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“The necessity for enhanced healthcare systems is evident, highlighting the role of providers in creating more resilient structures. Stepcare is committed to transforming healthcare in Bangalore and beyond by offering evidence-based, patient-centric primary care that is both affordable and high-quality. Our vision is focused on equitable healthcare, delivering dignified care that adheres to rigorous international standards.”

– Parveen K Sikka, Co-Founder, Managing Director

Becoming a Stepcare member is easy:

Step 1 - Computer with a form displayed

Fill in the membership form on our website and provide your health basics

Step 2 - Payment process

Pay your reservation fee of Rs. 250 + GST, which is returned on your first membership payment

Step 3 - A calendar with selected dates, and supporting documents

Book a time to visit the clinic to be inducted and get registered.

You’ll need the right documentation and we’ll book you in for a full medical health check

Step 4 - Doctor doing a check up on a patient

You’re now ready to use the full range of our services whenever you need them


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