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Personalised Nutritionist Services at Stepcare

Unlock Optimal Wellness with Customised Nutrition Plans

Discover the path to your best self with Stepcare’s Nutritionist Services. Guided by our expert nutritionist, Tarannum Hussain, we're dedicated to crafting personalised nutrition plans that address your unique health needs and goals.

Tailored Nutrition for Every Need

Our services provide bespoke diet plans for a range of health goals and conditions, including

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Weight Management

Achieve healthy weight loss or gain through balanced, nutritious eating plans.

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Chronic Conditions

Specialised support for diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and more.

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Women’s Health

Dedicated plans for PCOS, pregnancy nutrition, and postpartum weight loss.

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Pediatric Nutrition

Combat child obesity and malnutrition with diets that kids love.

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Medical Challenges

From kidney stones to nutritional cancer care, our diets are designed to support healing and health.

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Nutrient Deficiencies

Address specific deficiencies with targeted nutrition. Each plan comes with delicious food recipes, travel guidelines, and tips for eating out, ensuring your diet fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Meet Our Expert Nutritionist

Tarannum Hussain

B.Sc (Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics) M.Sc (Food & Nutrition)
Clinical Nutritionist

Tarannum Hussain is Stepcare's esteemed Clinical Nutritionist, enriched by a Master’s degree in Food and Nutrition and vast experience in clinical and consultative nutrition. She specialises in addressing complex health issues like weight management, diabetes, and heart health through personalised nutrition plans. At Stepcare, beyond her client-focused nutrition counselling, Tarannum drives impactful health seminars and is deeply involved in nutrition research, embodying our mission to empower individuals towards a healthier, self- sustained lifestyle.

Friday | 9am - 5pm
Saturday | 9am - 5pm

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How It Works: Your Journey with Stepcare’s Nutrition

Book Your Consultation

Start with a simple call or email.

Clinical Assessment

Dive into a comprehensive health evaluation.

Personalised Consultation

Craft your diet plan with Tarannum Hussain.

Weekly Follow-Ups

Stay motivated and on track with regular check-ins.

Active Support

Get your queries answered anytime.

Evaluate and Adjust

Fine-tune your plan for optimal results.

Why Choose Stepcare’s Nutritionist Services?

At Stepcare, we merge cutting-edge nutrition science with a heart for service. Our advanced facilities and holistic care approach make us a trusted ally in your health and wellness journey.

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Begin Your Path to Nutritional Well-being

Transform your life through the power of nutrition. Contact us today or simply book an appointment below to schedule your consultation with Tarannum Hussain and step into a healthier, happier you.

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