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With preventative care is a priority for both you and Stepcare, you can also rest assured that over the course of your life, you are spending less on healthcare costs as you are avoiding severe illness as you age. As we like to say at Stepcare, “A stitch in time saves nine”.

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In fee-per-item healthcare services, Stepcare questions if there is motivation to support you in being healthy; after all, being unwell again means you will be a repeat customer of such a healthcare service.

With finances removed from the point of care, you can have peace of mind that the care you are getting is absolutely in your best interest.

Stepcare’s Primary care is modeled on the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) where for an annual fee StepCare will provide individuals with a primary care service, with unlimited access to our medical professionals and regular check-ups to ensure your health. We endeavor to provide all your primary care needs within one annual fee. We recommend only the treatment you need based on the best available medical evidence. Your Stepcare experience is also seamless: all your health needs can be addressed under one roof.

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We are fair and flexible.

Our unique annual membership gives you unlimited access to primary care consultations and diagnostics. And we are always transparent and up-front about advanced treatment and diagnostics you may need.

What is included in our membership package?

  1. Unlimited* consultations with our clinicians, including doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists and nutritionists.
  2. An initial and yearly health screen (subject to you renewing your annual membership) tailored to your individual clinical and holistic needs and risks. This includes a primary consultation with one of our clinicians and secondary consultations as determined by us. It may include various diagnostics such as blood tests and imaging specific to your needs that can include screening for common chronic conditions and cancer. Our intention is to provide you with a holistic review of your health and well-being needs.
  3. Primary care diagnostic tests. (Subject to Stepcare’s sole discretion and as determined by clinical need.)
  4. Coordination of your secondary care needs.
  5. Management of your common vaccinations, with advice on what is needed and when.
  6. Access to our digital-first ecosystem that supports you to live healthier through ownership of your records and personalised health and wellbeing resources

unlimited* – determined by clinical need & in accordance with our terms and conditions

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Consultations, primary care diagnostics and referrals to secondary care are governed based on the recommendations of our clinical team and at their sole discretion. They are guided by the latest clinical research and evidence, emphasising a holistic and preventative approach. A key part of this decision-making is the consideration of your preferences, concerns and expectations. In the unlikely event you seek care elsewhere in parallel, these costs are borne by you and Stepcare shall hold no responsibility.

Download the Stepcare Membership Manual

Becoming a Stepcare member is easy:

Step 1

Fill in the membership form on our website and provide your health basics

Step 2

Pay your reservation fee of Rs. 250 + GST, which is returned on your first membership payment

Step 3

Book a time to visit the clinic to be inducted and get registered. You’ll need the right documentation and we’ll book you in for a full medical health check

Step 4

You’re now ready to use the full range of our services whenever you need them

Get started today

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“We offer a quality-assured clinical service comparable with UK healthcare standards. As a Stepcare member, you’ll get a personalised and comprehensive care plan, including fast and efficient access to care from a dedicated team when you need it.”

– Dr Nav Chana MBE, Medical Director

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